Seen the Rheumatologist today, i have been on Enbrel  for the past 3 months and the past 3 months have been really really crap! So one of my inflammation markers called ERS was 70 now when the very first time i seen the Rheumatologist my ERS was 50 your ERS should be under 5, so it’s indicating that my disease is getting worse not better, so now they are pulling out the big guns. My new med will now be an infusion i will have  1 infusion and then  will have another 2 weeks later  and then 26 weeks later i will do the same, the infusion will be done at the oncology centre in Cairns and will take 5-6 hours. They use this new med RITUXIMAB for the treatment of lymphoma as well.
As i said before the last 3 months have been really crap, i have had a few infections and have been in a lot of pain and to top it off the disease has now moved to my elbows and wrists so now now have Rheumatoid  Arthritis (RA) in every joint in my body. I don’t want to get my hopes up but i hope the new med works, i am fast running out of options . I have a put more info on Rituximab in my treatment page, just scroll down.
Anyhoo i hope all my readers are happy and well!
Until next time take care and have a great weekend!! :-)